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Movement Medicine

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Movement Medicine is a dance, movement and embodiment practice It is essentially an invitation to connect and bring presence to your body, heart, mind and spirit. The resource available when we move our bodies mindfully with the support of these simple practices is vast. There are no steps to learn and the practice is available to all regardless of your level of fitness, ability or disability, whether you consider yourself a dancer or feel you have 2 left feet.

People get all kinds of benefits from Movement Medicine including stress reduction, a feeling of being more embodied and resourced, a stronger sense of vibrancy and freedom in their lives and a stronger sense of purpose.

I offer classes, courses and workshops rooted in Movement Medicine practices. I also bring all of my other skills and trauma informed practice to these offerings. This creates a potent container to support you to become more potent in your life and work.


Movement Medicine and application of these practices in your day to day life. The structure is a combination of live sessions and recordings. The recordings are for you to use going forward to support you to integrate the practices in your day to day life.


In these workshops we use the tools and maps of Movement Medicine to explore a theme more deeply. Workshops can be anything from a half day to a full weekend.

"Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances"
Maya Angelou
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