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Ancestral Healing & Reconnection

Ancestral Medicine work is a methodology that provides a ritually safe step by step process to remembering, reconnecting with and instigating healing along our ancestral lineages.

The results are often a deeper sense of belonging, positive movement and growthful change, a more profound ‘owning of who you are’ and being more resourced in your day to day life.

My role is to safely guide you step by step; connecting you to your wise and well ancestors of bone.  This rewarding process of honoring and building relationships with your ancestors assists you to remember who you are in a deeper way. We enlist their support in healing intergenerational trauma and troubles, as well as tapping into strengths, resilience and forgotten gifts available to their descendants (you). 

In my many years of psychotherapy work people often feel, or reach a challenge or block that is hard to move beyond; ancestral healing offers layers of resources to dissolve these blocks. The work broadens your awareness, and understanding of some of the intergenerational themes and wounds that can continue to challenge you.  It connects you to support and helps you to gain invaluable insights to heal and move beyond these wounds.

Ancestral medicine is potent work and is deeply healing for you and your loved ones, lineage repair benefits everyone in your lineage.

Through the guided sessions we begin by assessing the level of wellness on each of your 4 primary lineages of bone. From there we choose which line is most appropriate for you to begin with. You will be supported to establish connection with a wise and well, loving guide on each line. From here the healing and deepening in relationship continues, blessing you and all those connected to the lineages.

One to One Ancestral Healing sessions 

The first session is a one and a half hour Initial assessment of the wellness of your 4 primary lineages . Each subsequent session is an hour long. For rates and to book a session see below.

Ancestral Lineage Healing Circles

Wise and Well Ancestral Circle

This monthly online circle is open to anyone that wants to connect in with the wisdom and support of wise and well ancestors of bone, path or nurturance. There is no previous experience of any ancestral work required. Simply turn up with your curiosity and an openness to what your ancestors of bone, path or nurturance may have to share with you.
 You will be guided in an embodied and ritually safe enquiry with the intention of gaining connection, insight and support. All are welcome

Ancestral Lineage Healing Circle

This will be a small circle made up of people who are already working with healing their  lineages and deepening in connection with their ancestors using Daniel Foor’s model of Ancestral lineage Healing. The prerequisite for this group is that you have completed a lineage assessment (either with me, another practitioner or through Daniel’s online course) and have made guide connection on at least 1 line. Our time together will provide an opportunity to drop in with your people and tend the next step from wherever you are in your ongoing healing process with your people. This is a great opportunity to be in shared space and benefit from the support of others who are also in the process of working with their lineages in this way.
Please click the link below to book your place. You can attend one group or join us monthly as part of our monthly tending of our ancestors. Please note numbers will be limited for these groups. See below to book your place.

"Walking I am listening to a deeper way. Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me. Be still they say. Watch and listen. You are the result of the love of thousands." Linda Hogan
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