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Sacred Rhythms Lughnasa

Starts: August 01, 2021:  11:00 am

Ends: November 01, 2018:  12:45 pm

Price: EUR€15 or whatever is affordable to you

Sunday August 1st at 11am (GMT+1)

Tuning in to the rhythms of the seasons is a beautiful way to anchor ourselves in time and the changes taking place around and within us. This series of 8 workshops follow and mark the rhythm of the turning points of the year.

Lughnasa is the celebration of first harvest traditionally. The time when we gather the fruits of our labour and give thanks for the abundance and generosity of Mother Earth. What is coming to fruition in your life? What are you grateful for? What are oyu ready to receive?

Join us as we come into our bodies, dance, tune in to what is moving and calling for attention in you. We do all this with the support of the music and some basic Movement Medicine practices. It culminates in simple community ritual honouring the fire within and around us and offering our hopes dreams and and prayers to it.

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Organiser: Catherine Dunne



Online via Zoom

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Sacred Rhythms Lughnasa