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About Catherine

The longing to help others from a young age was driven by my own story, the urge to heal my own wounds and a hunger to make sense of my experiences, my relationships and my world.

I am the eldest of two daughters born to Irish immigrants in Queens, New York. Our world growing up had one foot in Queens, and the other in my Grandparents home in North Cork, Ireland. My ancestral lands and the very different rhythm of life in Ireland at that time provided me with great solace. This was juxtaposed with the fast paced concrete jungle of New York and all its opportunities, challenges and excitement. Growing up between these two worlds helped me to develop my capacity to bridge worlds and gave me a lived understanding of diversity, difference and the challenges of integrating different aspects of ourselves on many levels.

I studied Psychology and Counselling Psychology to Master’s level and I went on to become a Gestalt Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor. I spent many years working on the front lines at community level in Ireland and the UK with people from all walks of life, and subsequently spent many years training others to become counsellors and therapists.

I believe we all carry a blueprint of our essence and purpose. There are lots of reasons for why we can struggle to realise this purpose and potential. My years of experience in holding space for others individually in groups courses and workshops coupled with my own healing journey all comes together in my current offerings to help you get what you need to become more aligned with that purpose and to thrive.

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About Catherine